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Bogus Cops (1993)


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Bogus Cops

Titre original : 走佬威龍

Date de sortie : 04 décembre 1993

Durée : 1h34

Réalisateur :

A take on the 1990 US film "Short Time", Karl Choi (Kar-yan) and Ching But-kam (Eric Tsang) are the laughingstocks of the Royal Hong Kong Police, and things get even worse when Choi's HIV test turns up as a false positive, leading him to believe he is dying of AIDS. Hoping to become a hero, Choi becomes bold and reckless, planning to be killed in the line of duty, thus receiving a ceremonial burial and a legendary reputation for bravery. In pursuit of this goal, Choi goes after a ruthless but bumbling group of terrorists hired by Saddam Hussein to bomb various strategic targets. While Choi is attempting to go out in a blaze of glory, Ching is falling in love with a beautiful prostitute (Veronica Yip) with a speech impediment and a surprising command of kung fu.

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