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The Death Games (1997)


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The Death Games

Titre original : 衝破死亡遊戲

Date de sortie : 26 décembre 1997

Durée : 1h30

Réalisateur :

Nationalité : Hong Kong

Tong causes the death of a drug lord called Lion. Years later, his vengeance obsessed son Tiger Shelly (Kim-Maree Penn) are back to settle the score. Tiger assassinates Tong and then goes after Tong's best buddy Kao Fu (Leung Kar Yan). Fu has adopted Tong's daughter Jin, who has come to stay with her new sister Min. They befriend martial arts instructor Kao Hwa (Fan Siu Wong), whose late father was also a good friend of Tong's. He looks after them as it was his Dad's wish to pay back Tong and the fight-fest begins...

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